As Covid-19 spreads throughout Europe and containment measures are imposed on citizens by the various states, I decide to start a work of documenting my daily life in confinement through a series of self-portraits featuring a hypochondriac character bordering on paranoia.

It is a work about loneliness and boredom through which I tried to bring a touch of humour and poetry to lightly counterbalance the gravity of the health crisis we are going through.

When I began this series, the duration of the confinement was still uncertain. Not knowing the end date of such a situation plunged us into a feeling of eternity and may have made the experience all the more difficult. This forced confinement certainly had an impact on the mental health of some people. Alone at home, time has lengthened, the pace of life has slowed down and our living space has shrunk. This situation of profound boredom has led to imagination and creativity which have become precious tools to occupy our days and thus keep a healthy spirit.

Here is the diary of an ordinary person who, left to himself, tries not to sink into madness.